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Notice of Approved Resolution

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that on September 15, 2016 the Ghent Town Board approved a resolution to transfer of $35,000.00 from capital reserve fund "H878 Capital Reserve Parks and Rec" to capital reserve fund "A878001 Capital Reserve". Such Resolution is subject to a permissive referendum in accordance with the provisions of General Municipal Law ยง 6-c and Article 7 of the Town Law, and shall take effect thirty (30) days after its adoption, unless a petition is presented to the Town Clerk, conforming to the requirements of the Town Law, seeking permissive referendum.


At the June Town Board meeting this Board made a statement regarding the Old Ghent (Talarico) Landfill Site, including our intention to request of NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation and County of Columbia officials that they perform water testing to include testing for PFOA. It was our understanding that while water testing had been performed at this private site in the past, none had been sampled since 2006 and that previous testing did not include PFOA.

Following the June Town Board meeting I emailed a letter to the Chairman of the Columbia County ... more

Town Board - Workshop Sessions

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that beginning in September and for the remainder 2016, the Town Board of the Town of Ghent will hold its monthly workshop sessions at 7:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month.

Zoning Review Committee - Monthly Meetings

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town of Ghent Zoning Review Committee will be meeting monthly on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30pm, starting on March 28, 2016 at the Ghent Town Hall, located at 2306 State Route 66, Ghent. The meeting is open to the public.

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Click here for the Agenda for 9/15/16 Town Board Meeting.

Click here to view Town Supervisor's Reports.

Click here to view 2016 Final Town of Ghent Budget.

Click here to view the Ginsberg's Foods Revised Plan.

Click here to view the Ginsberg's Site Plan.

Click here to view the Town of Ghent Dog Licensing Fees.

upcoming board meetings

Planning Board Meeting: Oct 5, 7:00pm
Zoning Board Meeting: Oct 12, 7:00pm
Town Board Workshop: Oct 13, 7:00pm
Town Board Meeting: Oct 20, 7:00pm
Planning Board Meeting: Nov 2, 7:00pm
Zoning Board Meeting: Nov 9, 7:00pm
Town Board Workshop: Nov 10, 7:00pm
Town Board Meeting: Nov 17, 7:00pm


Charter Communications - Chatham Office Closing on October 28, 2016

Dear Mr. Benvenuto:

I write to inform you that the customer walk-in office in Chatham will close on October 28 and we are providing courtesy notice to you at this time. Due to the myriad of payment options available to our customers, and the ability to reach the company toll-free, twenty-four hours per day, the local office is used infrequently by our customers.
click here to read full letter

Broadband Survey

Please take a moment to complete this survey from Connect Columbia. It will only take 1-3 minutes of your time and will help the Ghent Broadband Committee, along with the county subcommittee, towards bringing broadband to everyone in Columbia County. The results will be very important to our overall broadband efforts with regard to mapping and targeting underserved areas in our town. On the residential survey, entering a street address is optional, but the more respondents who enter their addresses the better our overall mapping results will be.

Residential Survey
Business Survey

NOTICE - Columbia County Transmission Project

Modified 34.5 kV Proposal
Summer 2016 Field Work Scheduled

As you may know, NYSEG is currently planning for the construction of the Columbia County Transmission Project (CCTP) Modified 34.5 kV Proposal. The project will enhance safe, reliable electricity service for approximately 10,000 NYSEG customers by bringing a new source ... read full notice here

*** NOTICE ***

Any town resident who is receiving the unsolicited free circular called "Shop and Find", and wishes to have that home delivery stopped, please contact the following individual at the Register Star and ask that your address be taken off the list.

Courtney Wrigley


NEEDED - Volunteers for Meals on Wheels

There is an immediate need for volunteer(s) to deliver Meals on Wheels to residents in the Town of Ghent. Substitutes are always needed. Please contact the Town Hall at 392-4644. Volunteer less than an hour of your time and make a difference in your local community.

Cable TV Problems?

The Town's cable TV provider is 'Charter Communications.' Contact them directly with service problems or other concerns.

Charter Communications Corporate Headquarters
314.965.0555, Mon-Fri, 9am - 5 pm
Your call will be answered!