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ZBA - October 14, 2015

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Ghent Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a Public Hearing at the Town Hall, located at 2306 State Route 66, Ghent, NY on the 10/14/2015 beginning at 7pm, to consider the following:

AREA VARIANCE from Donald & Karen Hamilton for a pre-existing fence within the required 10 foot setback located at 1209 County Route 22, Ghent. Property Tax No. 83.-1-67

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that all persons interested will be heard at the above time and place.

Notice of Resolution: September 17, 2015

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that on September 17, 2015 the Ghent Town Board approved a resolution to withdraw $6,487.00 from the Highway Equipment Capital Reserve account, set up pursuant to the provisions of Section 6c of General Municipal Law of the State of New York, for the purpose of purchasing a skid steer snow blower unit ... more

Commercial Zoning Review Committee Meetings

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town of Ghent Commercial Zoning Review Committee will be meeting the every 3rd Wednesday and every 4th Monday at 6:30 pm at the Ghent Town Hall, located at 2306 State Route 66, Ghent. The meeting is open to the public.

New York State Electric & Gas Corporation submits this interim status report.

We are pleased to announce that settlement negotiations for the Columbia County Transmission Project have made excellent progress. The parties participating in the negotiations have consented to waive the confidentiality provision of 16 NYCRR ยง3.9(d) in order to inform you that the negotiations are now focused on a "reduced scope" 34.5 kV low voltage line ("Reduced Scope Line"). While we expect the settlement negotiations, NYSEG's design phase, and the more

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upcoming board meetings

Zoning Board Application Night: Oct 14, 6:00pm
Zoning Board Meeting: Oct 14, 7:00pm
Town Board Meeting: Oct 15, 7:00pm
Commerical Zoning Review Committee: Oct 21, 6:30pm
Commerical Zoning Review Committee: Oct 26, 6:30pm
Planning Board Application Night: Nov 4, 6:00pm
Planning Board Meeting: Nov 4, 7:00pm
Town Board Workshop: Nov 5, 7:00pm
Zoning Board Application Night: Nov 11, 6:00pm
Zoning Board Meeting: Nov 11, 7:00pm
Commerical Zoning Review Committee: Nov 18, 6:30pm
Town Board Meeting: Nov 19, 7:00pm
Commerical Zoning Review Committee: Nov 23, 6:30pm
Planning Board Application Night: Dec 2, 6:00pm
Planning Board Meeting: Dec 2, 7:00pm
Town Board Workshop: Dec 3, 7:00pm


*** NOTICE ***

Any town resident who is receiving the unsolicited free circular called "Shop and Find", and wishes to have that home delivery stopped, please contact the following individual at the Register Star and ask that your address be taken off the list.

Courtney Wrigley


NEEDED - Volunteers for Meals on Wheels

There is an immediate need for volunteer(s) to deliver Meals on Wheels to residents in the Town of Ghent. Substitutes are always needed. Please contact the Town Hall at 392-4644. Volunteer less than an hour of your time and make a difference in your local community.

Cable TV Problems?

The Town's cable TV provider is 'Charter Communications.' Contact them directly with service problems or other concerns.

Charter Communications Corporate Headquarters
314.965.0555, Mon-Fri, 9am - 5 pm
Your call will be answered!