Planning Board Documents

GPB - Planning Board Fee Schedule

GPB100 - Agricultural Data Statement

GPB200 - Agreement for Payment of Expert/Consultant Fees

GPB300 - Site Plan Review

GPB301 - Site Plan Review Submittal Checklist

GPB400 - Special Use Permit

GPB401 - Special Use Permit Submittal Checklist

GPB402 - Special Use Permit - Concerts, Events and Festivals

GPB500 - Application for Major Subdivision

GPB501 - Major Subdivision Submittal Checklist

GPB600 - Application for Lot Line Adjustment

GPB601 - Lot Line Adjustment Submittal Checklist

GPB700 - Application for Minor Subdivision

GPB701 - Minor Subdivision Submittal Checklist

GPB800 - Application For Town of Ghent Highway Department Approval

GPB900 - Subdivision Since 1990

GPB1000 - Application for Mining Special Permit

GPB1300 - Guidelines for Recording Mapping

GPB1400 - Application for Home Occupied Business

GPB1500 - Agricultural Data Statement Letter

GPB1600 - Referral Form

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